Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIP reborn reborn

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Here is my latest WIP, a reborn reborn lol. I originally painted this baby with air dry paints, but stripped her last week and now painted her with Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP). I've used GHSP since the beginning, when I first started reborning, and can get so much more detail and "life" with GHSP versus air dry paints. Originally a boy, this Little One lacked realism and was just too... plain, dollish, blah...whatever word works best to describe how he was. Now she is a darling little girl in the works.

Hair will take a while, but more pictures when she's born :)

This sculpt is Joyful Heart by Lee Middleton and this is the second time I've reborn it. Here's a peek at the first one:

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Dessa Rae said...

Hi Sabriam,
Love your latest WIP!! I can't imagine any of your dolls being blah or plain...but I love this one as a girl and I can't wait to see her finished...
Dessa Rae

P.S. Love your new website!!