Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Clearance babies and new additions!!

My Christmas Clearance babies this year are Jacob and Maria - twin preemies. They are shown in the first three pictures. Jacob has grown baby fuzz for hair since they were listed on the website, and they have both had these new pictures taken. They are only available for adoption together, as they have never been separated by more than a few feet and love to cuddle. The price for the 2 together is $175 -a very special and very low adoption fee for 2 very sweet babies. For more information on Jacob, see him at and for more information on Maria, see her at

Next is a little one who has been up for adoption for several months - Jasmine. She is a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes and long lashes who is all dressed up pretty for Christmas. As Jasmine has only been up for adoption at in-person events, this is the first time any of my online customers have seen her. Her adoption price is $200. She has a magnet for a pacifier, though I don't have any pictures of her with one yet. Jasmine is hoping to find a home for the holidays.

The next three pictures are of Laben, a blonde-haired boy who is full of curiosity. He is the first full baby I've done using LDC (Little Dream Collection) air dry paints and I am extremely pleased with him. For more information on the LDC paints, see Laben wears some newborn and 0-3 month clothing, has blonde/very light brown kid mohair, and blue eyes. His adoption price is $250.

All prices on the babies do not include shipping, so please email me with your address if you need a shipping price. I am located in Coldwater Ohio 45828 - if you would like to adopt a baby in person, there is no shipping or pick-up charge. I accept payment methods of Paypal, a United States Postal Service money order, or (for in person only) cash. Please read my terms and conditions before adopting and see my website if you would like more information about the babies' materials and reborn process

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Curent Custom

Here is my current custom in progress. This is the sculpt Deshawn and she is such a cutie - not to mention a dream to reborn. She just has her skin and shading, no nails or brows or other such last finishing details. And of course, no hair yet. But I sent pictures to her mama to make sure this is what she wanted before continuing. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Latest custom order - with painted hair!

Hello all! I would like to introduce my latest custom order, a preemie girl, with painted hair. Her Mommy loves her and she is getting sent home on Monday - wish her a safe trip!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm baaaack!! :)

After a family emergency and a move, getting a full time job, and a bunch of other stuff, things are finally starting to calm down just a little. But enough that I have been able to slowly start reborning again.

Now, mind you, not reborning full time, not with working full time (and I got a promotion to assistant supervisor after almost 3 months) and homeschooling my two girls and just life. No more making a baby every week or two. It now takes me about a month or so to complete a baby, but that's ok. Reborning was so addictive and enjoyable that it was taking over my life - coming before the Lord, my kids, and everything else. School time? Oh, yeah, ok, umm...go do your history book and if you have any questions bring it in here, I'm rooting. Hungry? Just a minute (which could be up to an hour and half), I'm painting "just one more layer."

So, while I am still reborning, it has gone back to being a hobby, not my life.

With all that said, here what is going on in my baby corner:

A custom baby is in the works (she is painted, but now will get painted hair):

Another custom baby will be started next month, details to come.

I did my first air-dry paint baby (using LDC paints), and he is done being painted except a few finishing touches (veins and brows). So he will start getting rooted soon, and be up for adoption later (or sooner if I just get him a wig, not sure here):

And here is a baby who is almost finished, just needs "born" and paperwork:

And another baby, who was up for adoption, but got nabbed by my landlady, who fell in love with her lol. Sorry you guys didn't get a shot, but she already said "mine" and put the first payment on her:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm published!!

Or, as my oldest daughter says, "You're getting famous!" :)

One of the articles I wrote, Find the Reborn of Your Dreams, is published in the newest issue (July) of the Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine! The magazine sent me three copies, so I can see and share :) I got a two page spread! I'm so thrilled - wooo whooo!!! And, the article before mine, written by Stephanie Sullivan (Hunnybuns) shows pictures of two of my babies (the fairy and the preemie twins)!

I've had articles on several website before, but never in a magazine. This is, hopefully, the first of many times :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new custom baby done! :)

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This was a custom Tayla, a sweet preemie girl! I wasn't sure about the sculpt at first, but I knew how I wanted her to look - and she turned out just right :) I tried new mohair, from SugarGliders, and I now have a new favorite! I already ordered some more from her lol.

She goes out to her mama this week - hope she likes her!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty hairbows for headbands - fun to make!

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I made these last night - out of materials, so need to get some more ribbons before I can make some more for magnets. My eden-in-progress is modeling a really BIG one and then a smaller flat one. :) they were a ton of fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nicky made it to the finals in the RRD Jan contest!

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There were only 6 finalist from and Nicky was one - there he is, on the bottom right corner in his blue snowsuit. :) yay Nicky!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine's Day present - little hamsters!

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There are two, identical brothers (haven't been able to see a difference yet), but the other one is sleeping in the house. :) Aren't they cute?! They are shy, but very sweet. They are Chinese Dwarf Hamsters.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Premature twins - Jacob and Maria

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I'm going to update the nursery website tomorrow and send out the newsletter :) Hopefully these babies will find their forever home.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Second place award!

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Nicky, one of the baby boys up for adoption in the nursery,
won 2nd place in the
IRDA (International Reborn Doll Artists) February contest!

This is the beautiful award they made out of his photo :)

Having fun making movies, plays, and virtual people

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Here are three movie/plays I made for my face painting website:

You won't be able to view them unless you have the player, but above are still images of the plays.

And I made a video for my nursery for myspace:

And a talking virtual person on the homepage of my website

A whole new kind of fun! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Face painting was a HIT!!

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Went and did the face painting at the library today - and oh my stars!

Supposed to be from 12-2:30, but ended up finishing the last face in the line at 4pm. I did somewhere between 45 and 65 faces!! Batman was the favorite for the boys - the pink princess, half face butterfly/dragonfly, and the monarch butterfly was the favs for the girls.

I felt bad for the kids, because the line was so long, but they seemed to be having fun. I had a ball, what a rush. After I was done with the last child, I stood up and almost fell over. LOL I was so tired and hungry and my back hurt, but the whole 4 hours of sitting there I didn't even notice any of it, because I was having so much fun painting faces and seeing kids smile. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures, but I didn't even remember to take a camera.

My girls took their DS Pokemon games and played those, plus made a few new friends. The ladies at the library are so nice, and make sure we were taken care of with food and drinks. :)

I had several people who asked me if I did private parties are requested a card! I am just blown away by this day, I expected a few kids here and there, but this totally surprised me LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love this light set! Look at new pics of Nicky!

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Nicky has new pictures, showing his wonderful true colors, thanks to my new "photo studio" set up :) I am sooo happy with this umbrella/daylight bulb kit. The lighting in the nursery is almost non-existent and these are the best pictures I've ever taken!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2 new babies - mini this time

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I have 2 new babies up for adoption - little 6 inch minis! Limited Edition, 350 each, so I was blessed to get them (it was a set of three, I have one left to reborn).

Please welcome Hana and Nissa.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Face painting

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Well, in a few weeks I will be using my painting skills, learned through reborning, to paint live human faces. I will be filling in for my mother at the library, doing cheek art for their anniversary celebration. I practiced on my husband and daughters - here's the pics :)