Saturday, January 23, 2010

Face painting was a HIT!!

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Went and did the face painting at the library today - and oh my stars!

Supposed to be from 12-2:30, but ended up finishing the last face in the line at 4pm. I did somewhere between 45 and 65 faces!! Batman was the favorite for the boys - the pink princess, half face butterfly/dragonfly, and the monarch butterfly was the favs for the girls.

I felt bad for the kids, because the line was so long, but they seemed to be having fun. I had a ball, what a rush. After I was done with the last child, I stood up and almost fell over. LOL I was so tired and hungry and my back hurt, but the whole 4 hours of sitting there I didn't even notice any of it, because I was having so much fun painting faces and seeing kids smile. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures, but I didn't even remember to take a camera.

My girls took their DS Pokemon games and played those, plus made a few new friends. The ladies at the library are so nice, and make sure we were taken care of with food and drinks. :)

I had several people who asked me if I did private parties are requested a card! I am just blown away by this day, I expected a few kids here and there, but this totally surprised me LOL

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Margaret said...

That's wonderful Sabriam! Congratulations!