Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's up right now

This the current fairy compared to the picture I used for her skin tones. I was doing a match except slightly less yellow hue.

Oh, so much is going on right now!

Just finished up rooting the alien baby, so he will be ready for adoption sometime next week. Also working on an asian preemie, about half-rooted so far. Also starting to root an AA fairy (here's a picture of her without hair).

Getting ready to start a yawning baby, going to be a blonde with painted baby fuzz instead of mohair.

All of this is circular, since I'm having problems with hair coming out. So I root some on a baby, seal it, and then work on something else while waiting for it to dry. Usually takes a day or two, so I currently have 3 babies in progress and one getting ready to start. I'm used to doing just one baby at a time, but the forked needles don't root as far in as regular needles, so they have to be sealed before turning the head to do another part. But it's worth it so far, for a nicer root. I got some new 46g crown needles that I am going to be using on my next rooted baby - can't wait to see how that turns out! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My first sculpted fairy ears

Well, I did my first sculpting today - adding fairy ears to a baby kit, so I can make her into a fairy. They didn't turn out like I was picturing in my head, but I was happy to discover that I could sculpt them at all. LOL The first one got burnt and the second hasn't been baked yet, but I'm experimenting. We'll see what happens - to the first, when it's baked again, and to the second because I painted it before baking. I was trying to get them roughly the same base color as the kit, to reborn them evenly, but they turned out darker. Oh well, I'm sure the baby will turn out in the end. Biggest problem is - supposed to be a girl fairy, but to me looks more like a boy elf!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malakai and Nikia up for adoption

Malakai and Nikia are on my website, up for adoption. Hope they find homes :)
They've passed the "how old is your baby" test several times over, and even met one little girl who just begged her mama for Malakai. Her mom was reluctant to give him back to me as well, LOL, but wasn't quite ready to spend the amount of the price.

So now I have a Caucasian fairy girl, the AA twins (boy and girl), and next weekend (I hope by then) I will have Asian twin preemies up for adoption on the website as well.

Coming up, sometime during the rest of this month and during the next month: the alien finished, an AA girl fairy, a strawberry blonde boy, a toddler girl, a baby for a kitty costume, a sweet vampire, and maybe one more. The month after that, November: two Hispanic preemie twins, a Native American boy, and several more babies. In Dec, I'll be doing at least one elf, a baby Santa, an angel baby, and the three wise men (different ethnicity for each).

So many babies, so much fun! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reborn Styles - my first website gig

Well, I just finished my first website that I created for someone else. An excellent seamstress and friend, Chris, asked me to make a website for her and I happily said "YES!" lol
So here it is:

The "Christine" page needs a paragraph about her still, but the rest is done.

Nothing fancy, since I don't know how to do flash or anything as such, and there were no templates bought, but it's nice and she likes it. So I am a happy camper :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little fairy Emma is done and up for adoption :) for more information

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alien baby boy

ok, here is the first of my usual babies for this year's Halloween. He still needs the rest of his silver hair and eyelashes rooted, but he's coming along :) I did him in a pale green, with dark green blushing and detailing. The tips of his nails are sparkle silver, and he also has silver sparkle genesis mixed in with his green, so his whole body has a little shimmer. The design that I created for him, I first did in a pale orange, but it looked pink when baked, so I went over it in the silver sparkle. He's gotten some strange responses from the family - "What is THAT?!" "Aw, he's cute!" and "Very weird" LOL

Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween plans

I know, it's a little early, but I'm starting to make plans for Halloween.

First, planning the babies. I'm going to have 2 types of babies for Halloween. Regular babies and unusual babies.
My regular babies (whichever ones I still have unsold) will have on some cute costumes such as a dino or witch or whatever are the cutest ones I can find at a few stores I go to.
The unusual babies will be made to look like they have their faces painted, but it will be permanent and go with their costume. I'm thinking a green alien with dark green brows and hair, a cat, a fairy, and have a whole list but these are the "for sure" I'm doing.

All babies available (that haven't sold on my website) will be sitting with me in the "haunted garage" or along the driveway leading up to it. They will all have price tags on them, which will look a little creepy but be the real prices for all those parents who might fall in love with one.

I need to order more business cards, because I'm going to set some out in case anyone wants one (you know they will, I go through business cards like water LOL).

That's all the plans written down for now, but many more brewing in my head. I do major creepy and horror for Halloween decorations, but not for my babies. That just doesn't feel right to me. So the babies will be unique and sweet, but not horror.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

First fairy in progress

The baby part is all painted, now I am working on her design. Gotta figure out the ears and hands, then root her :) Almost done!

Malakai is waiting, very patiently

Malakai is all done, just waiting for his twin sister to be done and to get his body. Who would have known that Sugar would make such a sweet little boy! He should have his body and be ready for adoption this coming weekend. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ok, now I'm going to do 2 fairies LOL

I was originally going to do the first design as a Caucasian baby, with blonde/strawberry blonde mix of hair, but now I am going to do it AA baby (light honey-chocolate coloring) and I'm not sure about the hair. Maybe silver highlights mixed with brown. I have some grayish silver hair that would look cool.

So now I am going to do 2 fairies - the AA baby fairy with the original design is going to come after the Caucasian baby fairy with my new design shown here. The Caucasian baby told me she needed a lighter scheme LOL. I will be starting her tomorrow :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

The fairy I'm starting on Monday.

On Monday I will be done rooting the twins and, while waiting for them to dry, will be starting my fairy. After much researching and painting various designs and colors, I've come up with the design and colors I will be using on my fairy. I am so excited about starting this fairy, esp since I've never seen a fairy decorated like this before and am excited to be doing something very different :) I'm going to use the flower design for a forehead crown-type thing and then the curlies and dots on the ear too. This one looks messy because it's a test head and I used air-dry gloss to cover the genesis so it doesn't come off. That way I don't have to bake it and can take off the stuff I don't like on the rest of the head. LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Few more things that I want to remember

I am using this blog as sort of a reborn diary, so today I am writing a few things I want to remember. - an article I wrote, sometime between March and July of 2008 (this year lol), that was published on the Realistic Reborn Dolls website.

Also in early 2008 I was invited to do an artist display at the Prince George's County library (Clinton branch). I had a lot of fun getting things ready, creating poster boards showing how to create a reborn, and showing 2 of my babies (Jailynn and Eirin).

Well, back to rooting the twins! I did lower lashes for the first time today, on the Honey. They aren't styled yet, but I am very satisfied with my first time. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Custom girl done

Finished the custom baby tonight, just need to do the paperwork tomorrow :) She is such a cute little girl, I loved making her. She was done from the Jacob sculpt by Shawna Clymer, one of my favorite sculptors!