Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malakai and Nikia up for adoption

Malakai and Nikia are on my website, up for adoption. Hope they find homes :)
They've passed the "how old is your baby" test several times over, and even met one little girl who just begged her mama for Malakai. Her mom was reluctant to give him back to me as well, LOL, but wasn't quite ready to spend the amount of the price.

So now I have a Caucasian fairy girl, the AA twins (boy and girl), and next weekend (I hope by then) I will have Asian twin preemies up for adoption on the website as well.

Coming up, sometime during the rest of this month and during the next month: the alien finished, an AA girl fairy, a strawberry blonde boy, a toddler girl, a baby for a kitty costume, a sweet vampire, and maybe one more. The month after that, November: two Hispanic preemie twins, a Native American boy, and several more babies. In Dec, I'll be doing at least one elf, a baby Santa, an angel baby, and the three wise men (different ethnicity for each).

So many babies, so much fun! :)


BlackDollEnthusiast said...

Your babies are beautiful, Sabriam. Nikia took my breath away. I studied each of her pictures. I know that you won't have any trouble finding a home for her. She "almost" came to Texas, but I need to curtail my doll spending. Otherwise, she'd be on the way... or at least on the way soon, because I'd take you up on your 1/2 now and balance in 14 days.

Judie of Love Is Forever Nursery said...

Great job! She is adorable!!!

Sabriam - said...

Thank you ladies :) Nikia seems to be everyone's favorite, though I favor Malachai LOL

If John ever decides he needs a sibling, Debbie, let me know - I am making new babies all the time. :)

Navy Signal Flags said...

I saw your dolls on the Christmas blog and had to check out your blog. You do amazing work and the attention to detail makes them so life-like. Wonderful :)


Sabriam - said...

thank you Kathy and Debbie and Judie :)