Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween plans

I know, it's a little early, but I'm starting to make plans for Halloween.

First, planning the babies. I'm going to have 2 types of babies for Halloween. Regular babies and unusual babies.
My regular babies (whichever ones I still have unsold) will have on some cute costumes such as a dino or witch or whatever are the cutest ones I can find at a few stores I go to.
The unusual babies will be made to look like they have their faces painted, but it will be permanent and go with their costume. I'm thinking a green alien with dark green brows and hair, a cat, a fairy, and have a whole list but these are the "for sure" I'm doing.

All babies available (that haven't sold on my website) will be sitting with me in the "haunted garage" or along the driveway leading up to it. They will all have price tags on them, which will look a little creepy but be the real prices for all those parents who might fall in love with one.

I need to order more business cards, because I'm going to set some out in case anyone wants one (you know they will, I go through business cards like water LOL).

That's all the plans written down for now, but many more brewing in my head. I do major creepy and horror for Halloween decorations, but not for my babies. That just doesn't feel right to me. So the babies will be unique and sweet, but not horror.

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