Sunday, September 20, 2009

My first sculpted fairy ears

Well, I did my first sculpting today - adding fairy ears to a baby kit, so I can make her into a fairy. They didn't turn out like I was picturing in my head, but I was happy to discover that I could sculpt them at all. LOL The first one got burnt and the second hasn't been baked yet, but I'm experimenting. We'll see what happens - to the first, when it's baked again, and to the second because I painted it before baking. I was trying to get them roughly the same base color as the kit, to reborn them evenly, but they turned out darker. Oh well, I'm sure the baby will turn out in the end. Biggest problem is - supposed to be a girl fairy, but to me looks more like a boy elf!!


Ethnic Cuddles said...

Girlllllllllllll you are so amazing!!! I feel a tutorial coming on! lmaooooo

Dust and Clay / Something Pretty said...

The ear shape looks right. You will work the color out- I have faith in you.
These babies (every single one of them) are just adorable. They look so real.
When you get all the "boogers" worked out with the ears- share it with all of us.

Sabriam - said...

Thank you ladies! :) With both set of ears so far, there is something that I'm not happy with. But I got some new tips, and hopefully the next fairy will be MUCH better LOL