Monday, August 29, 2011

Custom prices revised

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Well, I've been thinking a lot on how to make the custom prices more fair. Before they were too low and I was losing money on the orders that wanted the more expensive sculpts. I hate to add to the cost for those, because I want my prices to be a promise, but I had to start doing that for a short time. Then I raised my prices, to cover for those expensive sculpts, but that wasn't fair to people who want the lower priced kits.

So.... I changed the custom ordering form, to have a set base price, a promised price for the reborning, but the price of the kit isn't figured into it. So, for examples of how that works:

If you wanted a preemie custom, it would be a base of $100. If you wanted the Jacob sculpt (from Bountiful Baby), it would be an additional 20 for the kit and 8 for the body plus like 5 for shipping, so the total for your custom would be $132. If you wanted to add hair, it would be the cost of hair (30) plus 50, so $212 for the completed custom reborn Jacob for this mama's order.

If you wanted a preemie custom of the Daisy by Bonnie Brown sculpt, it is still the base of $100 but an additional $120 for the kit (including body), so the price would be $220 for the custom baby, and if they wanted the tummy plate the cost is $25, plus hair would be that cost. So $345 with for a rooted complete custom Daisy for this mama's order.

Big difference between $212 and $345, but now it is all up to the person who wants the custom! It's more fair to them, and to me, and just is a better process all around :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joseph of the Wolf clan

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ok, the larger baby I was working on that I thought was going to be a girl turned out to be a Native American boy! Surprised me, but it just suits him so well and that's how he wanted to be. So meet Joseph, of the Wolf clan, of the Oneida (Onyota'a:ka). He still needs several layers of glue for his hair, but here is a peek:

And here is the baby I'm re-rooting for a customer's little girl. She only has the front done, but here's a peek at her too :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Full of Ideas

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I'm just so full of ideas right now, wish I had time for them all. My dream is to someday work 1/4 time instead of full time, and reborn full time. Oh, all the babies I could make!

Right now, I am working on a bigger baby, trying out different hair against her while developing her skin tones. She's still not the tone I want her, but she's coming along. Or he, depending on the end, but seems to be a girl right now.

A reborn artist friend of mine did a little girl with these bushy ponytails on either side of the head, just adorable! I fell head over heels for the hair and am bound and determined that my toddler baby will have hair like that. So I've been shopping around for hair and, with the help of a few fabulous bargains (aka ebay), am hoping to find the perfect human hair much cheaper than what the 3-4 ounces of mohair would cost.

But, before starting the toddler, I am going to be re-rooting a beloved preemie girl head for a repeat customer's daughter - with LOTS of hair this time :)

And, after that preemie, my big baby, and the toddler, I want to reborn Elise (the most detailed sculpt I've seen so far, love it), then I want to do a blonde Bonnie, then a Felicia or Lacey, then....well, ok, maybe I should stop there for now. I know it's going to change lol. I just love creating these Little Ones!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New newsletter

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August 05, 2011 Newsletter

Hello, Hello!

My latest custom, Gage, arrived at home yesterday. His mama is enjoying him and sent me an email saying "He is beyond gorgeous there's no way I can thank you enough!!!... I'm a very happy customer and can't wait to spread the word." That just made my day, I love hearing back from customers when they see their babies :) Here's a picture of little Gage:

Laben, after being available for over 6 months, was adopted by my best friends' sister and she loves him. I'm glad he found a good home - and she got another one of my babies lol

I've started a new baby, from the Alina sculpt by Adrie Stoete. She's gonna be a beauty!

The babies for adoption are now going to be in the newsletter, at the end, so it's easier to update the website. I just have to update this page instead of three pages (I used to have "available boys" and "available girls" pages also).

Well, that's all the news for now. Another newsletter will be out when there's more news!

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Rori - $165 plus shipping

Franklin - $175 plus shipping

Brenden - $75 plus shipping

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