Monday, August 29, 2011

Custom prices revised

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Well, I've been thinking a lot on how to make the custom prices more fair. Before they were too low and I was losing money on the orders that wanted the more expensive sculpts. I hate to add to the cost for those, because I want my prices to be a promise, but I had to start doing that for a short time. Then I raised my prices, to cover for those expensive sculpts, but that wasn't fair to people who want the lower priced kits.

So.... I changed the custom ordering form, to have a set base price, a promised price for the reborning, but the price of the kit isn't figured into it. So, for examples of how that works:

If you wanted a preemie custom, it would be a base of $100. If you wanted the Jacob sculpt (from Bountiful Baby), it would be an additional 20 for the kit and 8 for the body plus like 5 for shipping, so the total for your custom would be $132. If you wanted to add hair, it would be the cost of hair (30) plus 50, so $212 for the completed custom reborn Jacob for this mama's order.

If you wanted a preemie custom of the Daisy by Bonnie Brown sculpt, it is still the base of $100 but an additional $120 for the kit (including body), so the price would be $220 for the custom baby, and if they wanted the tummy plate the cost is $25, plus hair would be that cost. So $345 with for a rooted complete custom Daisy for this mama's order.

Big difference between $212 and $345, but now it is all up to the person who wants the custom! It's more fair to them, and to me, and just is a better process all around :)

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