Monday, September 5, 2011


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The little preemie whose hair is rerooted with a full head of hair is ready to go home, just waiting for final payment to be sent back to her little mommy :)

Joseph (my Native American large baby) is just waiting to be weighted and "born" and then will be ready for someone to adopt him.

The toddler is still on hold, waiting for eyes and the right wig, plus a body and a few final layers.

I've started a new girl, an ethnic preemie, limited edition Destiny by Michelle Barrow #101 of 250. She is gonna be such a sweet little sleeper! Only about 1/3 done painting, so no pictures yet, but I'm gonna work on her all day tomorrow, so maybe after that.

Lauscha eyes are big in my research list right now - I love every picture of every baby with these eyes. I'm ordering some for the toddler baby, and if I like them then also for a Ava Raine sculpt that I'll be reborning soon.

That's all the news for now! :) Talk to you all again soon.

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