Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally found just the right wig!

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You know that toddler I was working on? The bb one, from the Tibby sculpt, that had the soft head that was too thin to be rooted? Well, I've tried several different wigs and such ideas with her, but nothing worked or looked good on her. But... with help from my mom, who found a lovely wig, she is going to be adorable! I was looking on all the doll wig sites and human hair wig sites, but she found a really cute one in an online costume store of all places. It's black with curls and two braids in front, really pretty. I can't wait to order the rest of the supplies and finish her up, to see it on her! It's too long right now, but I'm going to trim it to toddler length and fix it up a bit.

I'll post pictures in a few weeks when she's done :)

1 comment:

Dessa Rae said...

What a great find! Sounds adorable...can't wait to see her finished...
Dessa Rae