Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm baaaack!! :)

After a family emergency and a move, getting a full time job, and a bunch of other stuff, things are finally starting to calm down just a little. But enough that I have been able to slowly start reborning again.

Now, mind you, not reborning full time, not with working full time (and I got a promotion to assistant supervisor after almost 3 months) and homeschooling my two girls and just life. No more making a baby every week or two. It now takes me about a month or so to complete a baby, but that's ok. Reborning was so addictive and enjoyable that it was taking over my life - coming before the Lord, my kids, and everything else. School time? Oh, yeah, ok, umm...go do your history book and if you have any questions bring it in here, I'm rooting. Hungry? Just a minute (which could be up to an hour and half), I'm painting "just one more layer."

So, while I am still reborning, it has gone back to being a hobby, not my life.

With all that said, here what is going on in my baby corner:

A custom baby is in the works (she is painted, but now will get painted hair):

Another custom baby will be started next month, details to come.

I did my first air-dry paint baby (using LDC paints), and he is done being painted except a few finishing touches (veins and brows). So he will start getting rooted soon, and be up for adoption later (or sooner if I just get him a wig, not sure here):

And here is a baby who is almost finished, just needs "born" and paperwork:

And another baby, who was up for adoption, but got nabbed by my landlady, who fell in love with her lol. Sorry you guys didn't get a shot, but she already said "mine" and put the first payment on her: