Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alien baby boy

ok, here is the first of my usual babies for this year's Halloween. He still needs the rest of his silver hair and eyelashes rooted, but he's coming along :) I did him in a pale green, with dark green blushing and detailing. The tips of his nails are sparkle silver, and he also has silver sparkle genesis mixed in with his green, so his whole body has a little shimmer. The design that I created for him, I first did in a pale orange, but it looked pink when baked, so I went over it in the silver sparkle. He's gotten some strange responses from the family - "What is THAT?!" "Aw, he's cute!" and "Very weird" LOL


Margaret said...

HMMM... he's quite interesting Sabriam! I'm interested in seeing him finished!

Natasha B. said...

i agree with margaret!

Judie of Love Is Forever Nursery said...

Wow, that's too cute! I can almost see his silver hair! I can't wait to see he finished!!!