Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's up right now

This the current fairy compared to the picture I used for her skin tones. I was doing a match except slightly less yellow hue.

Oh, so much is going on right now!

Just finished up rooting the alien baby, so he will be ready for adoption sometime next week. Also working on an asian preemie, about half-rooted so far. Also starting to root an AA fairy (here's a picture of her without hair).

Getting ready to start a yawning baby, going to be a blonde with painted baby fuzz instead of mohair.

All of this is circular, since I'm having problems with hair coming out. So I root some on a baby, seal it, and then work on something else while waiting for it to dry. Usually takes a day or two, so I currently have 3 babies in progress and one getting ready to start. I'm used to doing just one baby at a time, but the forked needles don't root as far in as regular needles, so they have to be sealed before turning the head to do another part. But it's worth it so far, for a nicer root. I got some new 46g crown needles that I am going to be using on my next rooted baby - can't wait to see how that turns out! :)

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Judie of Love Is Forever Nursery said...

WoW Sabriam

I love your fairy baby!!