Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twins progress

The twins have come an amazingly long way in a short time. 13 layers done on Sugar, the boy, and 1o done on Honey, the girl. So here's a picture of Sugar, who only has... 6-8 more layers to go. Going to bed tonight, but tomorrow with catch Honey up and then finish their painting. :) By tomorrow evening, my custom girl's glue will be dry so I can finish rooting her.


Ethnic Cuddles said...

She's looking amazing!! Can't wait to see more!

Sweet Memory Reborns said...

She is beautiful!! I am going to start on a Sugar in a few days, I am excited to start on her now!!
Dessa Rae

Sabriam - www.edenslittleones.com said...

I love the Sugar and Honey sculpts :) I'll be watching for yours!

LOL You two - my Sugar is going to be a boy.