Monday, August 24, 2009

rooting paused, AA twins started

I've been working on rooting the custom girl baby, but the hair is so fine and also long. When I would turn the head in the bowl, to root the other side, it would start getting pulled out. So I had to pause and glue what is done, before I can finish her.

So, while waiting for the glue to dry, I started the AA twins. I am doing Sugar as the boy and Honey as the girl. Sugar is sleeping, so no eyes for him, but Honey will have dark brown eyes and they will both have the curliest dark brown hair that I have. Sugar's will be short, of course, and Honey's just a bit longer - and she will have magnetic ponytails, so she can look like a very young baby and also a little older.

But, getting ahead of myself, because I have just started painting. LOL I have 2 layers done on each so far, getting ready to do several more before going to bed tonight. Here is a picture of the baby I am using for my reference. Pictures of the reborns in progress coming tomorrow or Wednesday!


Ethnic Cuddles said...

Wow can't wait to see!! I know they will be TDF!!!

Sweet Memory Reborns said...

Wow your rooting looks awesome!!
That is one beautiful baby. Good luck with your new Reborn projects.

Sabriam - said...

Thank you :) I like rooting, I find it very relaxing. That baby picture I found on Google and thought she was so cute that she had to be my next reference baby!