Sunday, August 23, 2009

Babies I'm going to make before Christmas

Right now I am finishing up a custom baby - the last custom for this year, because I need to get some regular babies made for my customers. Especially before Christmas!

So after this custom (1 more week to finish), I will be making regular babies. I am going to do:

AA twins Sugar (boy) and Honey (girl) by sculptor Donna Rubert, 0-3 month, can be together or separated.

Caucasian limited edition of 250 Raven Awake (girl fairy) by sculptor Shawna Clymer, 0-3 month.

Caucasian limited edition of 500 Felicia (boy) by sculptor Shawna Clymer, preemie.

AA twins limited edition of 300 Nicole (boy) and Natalie (girl) by sculptor Menna Hartog, preemie, can be together or separated.

Hispanic twins limited edition of 300 Baby (boy) and Sofia (girl) by sculptor Joany Solares, preemie, can be together or separated.

Asian Alina (girl) by sculptor Adrie Stoete, 3-6 month size.

If I still have time (I may be dreaming here LOL) after these, I'm planning on doing:

Caucasian Tayla (girl) by sculptor Denise Pratt, preemie.

AA Chrissy (big eyed girl) by sculptor Elly Knoops, 0-3 or 3-6 months size.

Caucasian Stephanie (girl or boy, not sure yet) by sculptor Gerda Van Keulen, newborn.

AA Niklas (boy) by sculptor Birgit Friedrich-Gutzwiller, 0-3 month.

And, of course, I have several more kits I would like to get to, but those will be "someday." LOL

I start doing customs again in January, so I will have 4 months to do regular babies before starting those. During 2010, I will be alternating a month for a custom baby and then a month for 2 regular babies, so both will get a chance. :)

Lots of babies coming up!


Ethnic Cuddles said...

Whew lord Eden! And I thought MY list was long!! Let's encourage each other to knock some of these babies out!! WE CAN DO IT GIRLFRIEND!! lololol

Sabriam - said...

LOL I saw your "working on currently" list - it's as long as my wish list. We CAN do it - let's get some of these babies out before Christmas! :)

Sweet Memory Reborns said...

Oh my goodness you are going to be busy, and I thought my list was
Keep us up to date on all of your babies!!
Dessa Rae