Monday, August 31, 2009

Applied for the PRA*ISE award

Well, I've come a long way from my first baby, so today I decided to apply for the PRA*ISE award. If I get it, it will confirm to me how very far I've come and if I don't then I'll get feedback telling me what I need to work on. It was quite a process, with 10 pics of 10 different babies (specific parts and sizes of photos) as well as 10 customer references, but it will be well worth it either way!

Here's a compare picture of my first reborn's face and my 27th reborn's face. Quite the difference! I am now working on my 32nd and 33rd (the Sugar and Honey AA twins) reborns. I decided that, after 30, was when I would apply.

At 40, I will apply for the Excellence in Reborn Artistry membership.

When I hit 100, I will apply for the Collii Award. The PRA*ISE is a big one, the Collii is huge.

If you know of any others, let me know :)


Sweet Memory Reborns said...

Good luck on your application for your PRA*ISE award. Sounds like you have come along ways and have a plan...Good for you!!
Dessa Rae

Ethnic Cuddles said...

I wish you the best of luck! But you won't need it!