Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Babies!

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Well, I got called into work yesterday and so only got my Ava Raine started a little and also haven't completely born the little blonde girl yet.

But I get off Friday, so will be working on them more after Christmas shopping, which will also be Friday afternoon (I want to beat the ALL the crowds this year lol).

I have the body for the toddler girl now, just waiting for the eyes to arrive (they were mailed, but could take a while as they are coming from overseas). Then I can work on finished the skin tones. I'm waiting for the eyes because I want just the right tones to match her eyes and hair.

I am determined to have these three - the Caucasian girl (0-3 months), the AA baby (not sure boy or girl yet, 0-3 months), and the Hispanic girl toddler - all completed by December so they are available for Christmas for whoever adopts them.

The two girls will be done within a week or two, it'll just be a matter of getting the other baby rooted by the deadline. I got my Native American boy done in plenty of time (he's been up for adoption for several weeks now), so I have a pretty decent span of ethnic and boy/girl choices for my customers.

There is time for one more custom order to be completed before Christmas, but now is the time if someone has been pondering possibly getting a special baby for that special someone (or for themselves lol). After November 6th, any custom orders placed will not be guaranteed for Christmas unless a small preemie or wigged. There has to be enough time for shipping of materials to me, shipping of the baby to you, glue to dry, and (the most time-consuming for quality) rooting the hair.

So the deadline for a Christmas custom is Nov 6th. Any orders placed after that, I can try for Christmas, but I cannot guarantee that your baby will be completed in time.

I'm so excited about the coming holiday season! At the start of October, I couldn't believe how late in the year it was and that Christmas was so near. Now it seems like time is dragging and it will never get hear. But I supposed it's a good thing it's still 8 weeks away because I'm going to need that time to get these babies done around work, family, and such.

Another post when I get one of these babies done! :)

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