Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Website Translation Widget

Been working away at getting things up to date and some new babies ready.

My website has been inaccessible for some time now (technical problems with the site). I am finally able to get back on, so I'm working on updating it. Will publish it when it's all ready.

Been working on a custom order - he is done and ready to be sent home this week. <3

I only have 2 babies completed and up for adoption... but I have another almost done (just waiting for the glue to finish drying), one half rooted, and two more that were started to be rooted and then left to sit.

Rooting is not appealing to me lately, I do it because it's a necessity - the poor babies need some hair lol. But my longing is to paint. I have so many techniques and tones that I want to try. I've made 64 babies so far and only done a fraction of the things I want to do.

The red head baby I'm working on is one that I've been wanting to create - the pale skin tone in the infants and children pictures I am using, the pinker lips, the orange-tinted red hair.

And, of course, all this done between work and my family life. And work calls now, so I have to go. I'll post again when I get time : )

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