Friday, December 11, 2009

New painting palette - large and wonderful, plus adorable magnetic pacifier dummy

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I got a paint palette from Lyn at Lynk Nursery and this palette is niiiiice and big! If you are tired of the little tiny wells in the gold-colored aluminum ones, then check out this large one here
I can't wait to use mine!! I gotta start a new baby on Monday, just so I can use this - it's going to be so nice to be able to have my base colors, my mix, and then my mix thinned. woo-whoo!!!

And while you're at Lyn's store, check out her dummy pacifiers (no, they are not dumb, they just aren't real, they are prop pacifiers LOL). The magnet is in a little pocket, so it's easy to slip out to keep out or to flip it to whatever side works for your reborn baby. They also come with an extra magnet, so you can add it to your doll and have the option of giving it a pacifier :)

I never knew shipping from Australia could be so fast - she mailed it out the next day and I got it 7 days later - and this is almost Christmas! It takes longer from mail to get here to Maryland from Ohio, our home state.

Lyn, you are awesome! Thank you!!


Hugs said...

Thanks for the tips!

Lyn said...

I am so glad it arrived safely.
Since last talking to yu about that palette, I have done a test on mine. I left paint mixed in it, the solvent has evaporated but the paint has not reacted with the tray like it used to with my old solvent in plastic trays. So from my experiences it is not the GHSP that reacts with plastic, but your solvent. It pays to use a good quality solvent.
Also for those who have not noticed.... the empty jars you buy from BB for GHSP take a close look at them.... they are plastic, not glass.

The pacifiers, we call them a dummy over here in Oz, hence why I have them listed as dummy/pacifier.
Also the design I am making now that Sabriam has described I don't have a ring on the front so it can also double as a hair accessory if you wish. I am all into multiple uses where possible.

Sabriam - said...

oh, those would be adorable hair things - never thought of that, thanks Lyn :)

I got this posted onto facebook and twitter too, so everyone will know where to go if they want pacifiers or palette (and be able to see what else you have :))