Saturday, October 24, 2009

Craft fair was a big disappointment

So I went to the craft fair today, expecting to sell one baby and hoping to sell all seven, but even if didn't would at least get to hand out lots of business cards and get lots of exposure, right? And I bought onesies that my mother hand-dyed and hand-painted to sell for $6.50 for those who couldn't afford the babies. So it's still good, right?

NO! This place was DEAD. No advertising, one sign, all cars parked in back (so it looked canceled) and the doors to the room were in the back (with no signs or balloons or anything showing where it was, so even if people did park they wouldn't have been able to find the room, only locked front doors).

There were about 10 other tables (some people had bought 2 tables, I just count them as 1) and they were disgusted too. There were about 30 people that showed up altogether, but most of them were friends and family of the people there. Only about SIX were customers. I sold ONE ONESIE!!!! that was IT. And 8 people took business cards.

I get more exposure and handing out of business cards by taking a baby to the grocery store! And I don't have to pay $20, plus all the money I put into the stuff for the display, not to mention a LOT of work.

Not a happy camper here. :( My poor babies need homes! I don't even have room for all these babies LOL

Sabriam Garcia
Eden's Little Ones nursery


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I'm sorry the craft fair was a disappointment. You should let the organizer know what not to do if another one is planned in the future.

Sabriam - said...

I am going to write them a letter, letting them know that the vendors were disappointed and that the customers couldn't find it (I've talked to a few) and some ideas for next year.

Diva Nay said...

I am sorry it was such a disappointment. Hopefully they will do a better job next time.

Margaret said...

Sorry it didn't work out better Sabriam. I felt that way too after my first show. I hope the next one is much better!

D7ana said...

I hope the next fair goes better. Perhaps business will pick up closer to the winter holidays? Your little ones look so cute.